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PT. Hartekprima Listrindo is a Diesel Generating set company which headquarter is located in Central Jakarta, Indonesia.  With two workshops in Tangerang, we assemble and supply high quality generating sets for many sectors such as industry, banking, financial,  construction, restaurants and residential.  We are always eager to implement new technology in assembling our products to meet customer’s expectations.  Our commitment lies in value adding and continuous development therefore our products have been acknowledged for their unrivaled quality.  Backed by 2000 hours or 1 year warranty whichever comes first and supported by high qualified technicians, HARTECH brand has been trusted by many projects, industries and offices. 
To learn more of our products, please feel free to contact our office and speak to one of our staff.

PT. Hartekprima Listrindo was pioneered from a company called Harapan Technic. Its primary business were buying and selling used generating sets, reconditioning and rebuilding used generating sets.

In 1990, Hartech started to spread its wings by providing generating sets rental and starting to build its own assembly line. Not only succeed in assembling Open Type generating sets, but also succeed in building the first Silent Type generating sets (widely known as Soundproof generating sets) in Indonesia. At that time, there were not any companies which were able to make Silent Type generating sets. Those models were only available by importing the whole unit (CBU) from Japan or Europe. Thus, we are proud to say that we are the pioneer of the Open and Silent Type generating sets manufacturer in Indonesia.
In 1991, we officially registered “HARTECH” brand to the Department of Justice and Human Rights of Republic Indonesia with register number 319511 and renewed it in 2001.

In April 1996, Hartech submitted request to change its legal entity from a privately owned company to a Limited Liability Company (PT) and was approved on July 18, 1996 based on the approval from Minister of Justice and Human Rights no C2-8080.HT.01.01TH.1996

PT. Hartekprima Listrindo built a factory which was equipped with modern and sophisticated facility in Manis Industrial Zone, Tangerang

Although economic crisis hit Indonesia, but due to Hartech’s achievement in production, selling, innovation, and consistency in doing its business, we gained the trust from Perkins and Yanmar Diesel Engines. They appointed PT. Hartekprima Listrindo as their authorized dealers.

In following year, Cummins Diesel Engine appointed Hartech as their authorized dealer as well, followed by Volvo and Daewoo-Doosan.
To keep up with the increasing market demand, PT. Hartekprima Listrindo built its second factory in the same industrial zone.

Hartech as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or generating sets builder has become both pioneer and leader in this fast growing industry. Now by adapting latest technologies from Japan and Europe, Hartech presents top-quality generating sets, which have gone rigid testing, as another option to the people in Indonesia.

With the company’s experience, expertise and support from two modern and sophisticated facilities which have produced thousands of generating sets, PT. Hartekprima Listrindo will keep doing improvement and modification from all aspects such as design, quality and efficiency. Therefore, Hartech can always provide the best products in the industry from time to time.

Vision and Mission
To strengthen company’s ability in all and every aspects such as productivity, competition, efficiency, profit and prosperity, Hartech’s missions and visions are as follows:

  • To make Hartech as a brand image both in the national and international market.

  • To pursue and maintain the highest quality products.

  • To increase the prosperity of employees and shareholders.

  • To conduct business in ethical manners.
  • To improve the product’s technology, to promote and boost the product’s performanc.e

  • To continuously increase products and service qualities.

  • To expand and enlarge the market’s potential.

  • To compete in healthy and professional manner.

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After Sales Service

Our warranty are 2000 hours or 1 year. On site service are available on workdays.


HARTECH® generating sets have two real choices, Silent type (soundproof) and Open type. Our producst are available from 8 Kva to 1000 Kva with standard voltage of 220/380 Volt, 3 phase, 0.8Pf, 50 Hz, 1500 Rpm and equipped with Auto Engine Shut Off and Alarm System for high water temperature and low oil pressure operation.

HARTECH® SOUNDPROOF generating set with acoustic enclosures are built to withstand extreme weather condition. The acoustic enclosures are manufactured with a steel outer skin and lined with fireproof acoustic material. Attenuators are placed in the hot air outlet and cooling air inlet and exhaust silencers of the residential type are mounted either on the top, or inside the enclosures exhausting to atmosphere. Thus we build the set to meet the latest 70db noise level requirements

We also provide optional accessories such as Automatic Mains Failure Panel, Auto Transfer Switch Panel, trailer, spring mounting, fuel transfer system, bulk fuel tank, etc.





We got various series of product to offer for Silent type engine.



We got various series of product to offer for open type engine.